Trislide Scubaslide Skin Silicone 4 fl. oz. Spray

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Train harder and longer without the fear of unwanted chafing.
TRISLIDE is the top anti-chafing, anti-blistering environmentally friendly aerosol spray that is a must-have for all endurance athletes. Enjoy the continuous and silky spray of TRISLIDE skin lubricant applied to problem chafing areas around the inner thighs, underarms, neck, chest and feet. In addition to helping you bypass blisters and chafing, TRISLIDE was designed to help you get in and due to the water-resistant properties, out of your wetsuits and techsuits at record speeds! Resulting in fast T1 (first transition) times in Triathlons!
  • Safe for use on all neoprene.
  • Anti-chafing for skin-on-skin and/or garment friction.
  • Non-messy aerosol spray.
  • Anti-blister and anti-hotspot.
  • Eases entry into wetsuits, techsuits, shoes and ski boots.
  • Ideal for triathletes, surfers, divers, cyclists, runners and swimmers.
  • combats chamois chafing
  • Safe on most fabrics, removable with soap and water, may require anti-stain remover on some fabrics.
  • Easy to use, safe to share.
  • Silky feel.
  • Fragrance free.
  • 4 oz.
Hold can 3 to 4 inches away from desired area. Spray directly on skin. Repeat for desired thickness.