Ratio iX3M 2 - Tech+ Dive Computer

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The All-New Interface delivers the best user experience ever. iX3M 2 has a clear interface and a huge Display - the largest of the category. The iX3M 2 Interface is designed to give you our best User Experience yet. With its clear interface and its large display, iX3M 2 is second to none. You won't need your glasses to read this!

Introducing LSK Interface:
You won't have to wonder which button to press
You have 4 buttons and a command line (Line Select Key) which remind you which button to use.
Easy, isn't it?

A Lighter but more robust casing. High-Profile Screws to protect the Display from scratches. A Stronger Vibration alarm. No alarm goes Unnoticed. Visual + Acoustic + Vibration. You are going to notice one at least.


There is an iX3M 2 for every diver.

iX3M 2 Pro
Air + Nitrox, 3 Mixes

iX3M 2 Deep
Air + Nitrox + Trimix (Normoxic), 3 Mixes

iX3M 2 Tech+
Air + Nitrox + Trimix (full) + CCR, 10 Mixes
with user-settable Gradient Factors (High & Low) and Critical Bubble Radius.

Full Deco Table. Everything is going as Planned.

iX3M 2 gives you tons of information on your dive.

As soon as you exceed the no-decompression limit you will see your decompression table with all the deco stops you will have to make. iX3M 2 updates the deco table in real-time and it always keeps you informed on the deco stops you have to make.

You can choose between 4 decompression algorithms for your dive. Or you can let iX3M2 take care of it.

  • Buhlmann ZHL 12
  • Buhlmann ZHL 16B
  • Buhlmann ZHL 16C
  • VPM-B
    All 4 Algorithms are available for iX3M 2 Deep and iX3M 2 Tech+.
    Only Buhlmann ZHL16C Algorithm for iX3M 2 Pro.

iX3M 2 has a Multi Transmitter mode dedicated to the Side Mount. Connect up to 10* Wireless Air Transmitters at the same time.

  • up to 3 with iX3M2 Pro,
  • up to 3 with iX3M2 deep,
  • up to 10 with iX3M2 Tech+

iX3M 2 has a Multi Transmitter mode dedicated to Side Mount.


Tank Auto-Switch

  • You just need to start breathing through the tank. iX3M 2 will automatically show your active tank on the screen. You won't have to press any button.

Connect the Analyser to the iX3M 2 and turn it into a professional Mix Analyser.

The Nitrox Analyser has access to the iX3M 2 sensors and to its CPU. iX3M 2 will check the correct calibration and the atmospheric conditions to make a perfect analysis of the Oxygen % inside the tank. You can also save the mix you just analyzed in the available mixes by simply pressing a button.

iX3M2 can tell you how to refill your tank in order to obtain your chosen mix.

Just tell iX3M 2 what's inside your tank and which mix you want to get.

The iX3M 2 will tell you how to obtain your chosen mix. Both Nitrox and Trimix.

3D, 1° Resolution, and +/-1° Accuracy.

Tilt compensated up to 85° supported by a complete inertial platform. With visual and numerical indication of the direction and the reciprocal direction.