Quest X5 Metal Detector with Turbo D Coil

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The new X series offers Quest quality at the best price. The X5 combines a modern design and resistance, with all the necessary features for the treasure hunter. The Quest X5 is equipped with the TurboD Blade coil for better performance at greater depth in the ground and better performance in mineralized conditions. The weatherproof control box ensures that the detectors are completely safe in rainy or humid conditions. Based on the CVX (Compact VLF) platform, the detectors of the X series are designed for a start with more intuitive Menu and stable performance. They can share coils with the Q series of Quest as Raptor and new models of coils that are coming soon. The processor guarantees a good recovery speed and a high immunity to daily electronic interference. We maintained all the essential functions, such as the ground balance, the digital identification of the objective, the pinpoint. It has 3 search modes that are All Metal, Coins and Jewelry. Operating frequencies of 7.99 kHz with which there is no object or treasure that will resist the magnificent X5. KEY FEATURES:
  • Totally waterproof, rain, humidity, nothing going to stop you
  • Structure: Rigid aluminum body with extendable arms from 55 cm to 104 cm
  • Battery: Built-in 1000 mAh Li-Po battery, USB rechargeable
  • Coil 9" x 5" Turbo Blade waterproof.
  • Indicators: Depth reader, Metal identification indication, Battery status.
  • Audio Output: 60 x 45 mm LCD panel
  • 3 Search modes: All metal, Coins and Jewelry.
  • Weight 0.94 kg (with coil).
  • Life of the battery: 8 to 12 hrs approximately
  • Ground balance: Included
  • Rear Led light: Included activated from a button
  • Quest X5 detector
  • Coil 9 "x 5" Blade Turbo D waterproof
  • Protective cover for coil
  • Micro USB charger cable
  • Quick Start Guide.