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Quest Scuba Tector Pro Underwater Diving Pinpointer Metal Detector

The Quest Scuba Tector Pro follows on the success of the Quest Scuba Tector. Designed for detectorists who push through boundaries and redefine underwater detecting, the Scuba Tector Pro is the most versatile, portable underwater metal detectors Quest has ever made.

The Pro model features a foldable, interchangeable search coil, unique dual-hinge joint, extendable handle, larger battery capacity and a powerful pulse induction system. All these features make the Scuba Tector Pro the ultimate detector for beach or underwater use.

Three different modes -- sound, vibration and sound + vibration -- mean you'll be alerted to signals, whether you're on the beach or underwater.

There are three different modes, allowing you to adjust the detector's sensitivity. 

Using the dual-hinge joint and extendable handle, you can use the detector fully unfolded and compacted for underwater searching. When you transition to the beach, you can semi fold the detector and use the adaptor to attach a rod to the detector.
Compared to the original Scuba Tector, the STP's coil is two times larger, but takes up half the space when folded up. This makes it easier to travel with, without sacrificing any coverage while detecting.

The detector comes with a a USB-C cable so you can recharge the battery, when coupled with a USB wall charger.