Dan Prepared Diver Course

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In our ongoing effort to make every dive accident- and injury-free, we are happy to offer this engaging online course which provides greater insight into the science behind fundamental diving skills and highlights best practices.
The course covers common contributing factors that lead to diver injury including:
  • Respect Your Limits
  • Be Aware of Your Air
  • Listen to Your Ears
  • Maintain Good Buoyancy
  • Control Your Ascent
  • Assume Responsibility
Because this short 2-hour course is 100% eLearning, there are no course prerequisites, no skills requirements and no paperwork. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home.
Anyone may take this online course.
The Learning
During this video-based course, you will cover six core topics:
  • Discover the different limitations divers face before every dive, including environmental, physical and physiological issues. Learn how to recognize limitations and abilities while planning dives within your current training and skill level.
  • Running out of air is the most common contributing factor in diving accidents, yet it is easily avoided. Determine ways to prevent out of air situations by considering factors such as current, buoyancy control and depth when planning your dive.
  • Ear injuries are common but preventable by equalizing often and listening to your body. Learn the proper techniques for equalization along with common injuries and how to avoid them.
  • Issues like barotrauma, marine life injuries and uncontrolled ascents can often be prevented with effective buoyancy control. Review the best practices to enhance and perfect your buoyancy skills.
  • Lack of control on ascent and discounting safety stops are some of the issues divers face while diving. Explore the principles of physics affecting safe ascents, the different types of dive environments and how to ascend properly in each one.
  • Many divers may expect certain aspects of their dive planned and prepared for them. This can be problematic when something goes wrong. Learn the aspects of dive planning and preparation that should always be done by every diver participating in scuba activities.
DAN’s (Divers Alert Network) new eLearning platform delivers an enjoyable online learning experience. The platform, which can be used with all desktop and mobile devices, accommodates the new Prepared Diver Course. DAN’s eLearning Platform is easy to navigate and features a variety of benefits for you.

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